• Kenzieren

    First Essay!?

    February 7, 2018 by Kenzieren

    In my writing class, we are writing Essays about Archetypes in our favourite books. Of course the book I chose was Hounded book one of the Iron Druid Series. I am super excited to write about this especialy as this is my first essay. I could not have chosen a better topic.

    Because of this essay I am rereading it (Or rather relistening to it) for the millionth time! I could just do it from memory, but, I want to use this as an excuse to listen to it during class. 

    I am so excited for this project.

    If you have any tips for writing essays, please tell me! I am going to fail. But I will fail haveing fun so... I guess that makes it better! 

    Thats all folks! :)


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  • Gcheung28

    Trapped Review Roundup

    November 27, 2012 by Gcheung28

    Woohoo! Trapped, the fifth book in The Iron Druid Chronicles, has finally been released! For long time fans of Kevin Hearne, it seems like this one is just as good as the rest. In Trapped, fans are brought twelve years after Atticus O'Sullivan goes into hiding with his apprentice Granuaile and his trusty wolfhound Oberon. As per usual, they run into trouble with characters that seem to only want one thing: a dead druid.

    There weren't any reviews from actual critics, but check out the reviews below from fans both new and old, and be sure to leave your own!

    "This book was fun "trapped" between a cover! I was skeptical when I saw Trapped would take us twelve years in the future, but I've learned not to doubt Kevin Hearne. This book was exciting, …

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  • Gcheung28

    For Iron Druid Chronicles fans, I'm sure that you all know the next book in the series is coming out in just a month! For people new to the series, here is a starter's guide to prep you for the release. Prepare yourself for ancient magic, gods, and more!

    The author of The Iron Druid Chronicles is Kevin Hearne. Kevin supposedly wrote Hexed in five months and Hammered in six to accommodate the back-to-back release schedule. His fourth book, Tricked, hit #11 on the New York Times Bestseller list.

    Book five of Iron Druid Chronicles, Trapped, will be out November 27, 2012, and Hunted, book six, is supposed to be out in June of 2013. Aside from the series, Hearne is also working on a short novella called “Two Ravens and One Crow”.

    The Iron Druid Chronicles

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  • Mergekat

    Iron Druid Contests!

    September 7, 2012 by Mergekat

    Hi everybody, at Deviantart the group #IronDruidChronicles ( Link: ) is having 4 various contest centered around the IDC books. It's open to all and here are some of the details:

    Subject #1-Taglines Deadline Extended: Due November 1st, 2012 1st prize: Tagline of the Month! + 50 DA points + $5 Gift e-Card Everyone else: To be posted as a group widget! Yay! To be voted on via poll!

    Subject #2 – Stamps Deadline Extended: Due November 1st, 2012 1st prize: 200 DA points! + $5 Gift e-Card 2nd prize: 150 DA points! 3rd prize: 100 DA points! To voted on via poll!

    Subject #3 – Character Art-Witches in IDC Deadline Extended: November 1st, 2012 1st prize: 200 DA…

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