Fragarach, also known as The Answerer, or The Retaliator, is one of the magical swords in possession of Atticus O'Sullivan, the last Druid and protagonist of The Iron Druid Chronicles. He acquired possession of the sword in battle from Aenghus Óg, and his possession of the sword caused the events in the first book, Hounded.

Mythological backgroundEdit

In Irish mythology, Fragarach was the sword of Manannan Mac Lir and later, Lugh Lamfada. Forged by the gods, Manannan wielded it as his weapon before passing it on to Lugh (his foster son). It was given to Cúchulainn by Lugh, and later to Conn of the Hundred Battles.

It was said that no one could tell a lie with Fragarach at his or her throat, thus the name 'Answerer'. It was also said to place the wind at the user's command and could cut through any shield or wall, and had a piercing wound from which no man could recover.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

In the Iron Druid series, Fragarach has two main abilities. As its namesake, the sword allows Atticus (or whoever wields it) the ability to force one person to answer the wielder's questions truthfully.  The subject cannot escape or even move more than a few inches and is compelled by force of will to answer even if they want to remain silent.  He uses this ability in Hexed on Malina Sokolowski before forming a partnership with the Tempe Coven, against Brighid when she tries to burn him alive, and against Rabbi Yosef to subdue him without killing him when he attacks the Tempe Coven.  This power is invoked by pointing the sword at the subject from close range and saying the Irish Gaelic phrase "Freagróidh tú," meaning "You will answer."

Fragarach also penetrates armor completely, allowing the wielder to cut through any object or material like butter. This includes both body armor and shields.

A recurring object in the first several novels, Atticus hides the sword in his backyard, in a camouflaged sheath. Sometimes he hides it under his herbs, other times he binds the sheath to a tree, disguised as a branch. However, these are bindings created by Atticus, not abilities of the sword itself.


Fragarach is no longer in the possession of Atticus, during the events of Tricked. In faking his own death, Fragarach was taken by The Morrigan and was presumably taken back to the Tuatha Dé Danann. :(

In Trapped, Atticus recovered Fragarach after exchanging it with Manannan for Moralltach.

See alsoEdit

  • Moralltach - Atticus' other magical sword, which will kill anything with one cut.
  • Gungnir - Odin's Magical spear, which always hit whatever it was thrown towards.
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