Hallbjörn “Hal” Hauk is one of the main characters in The Iron Druid Chronicles.

He made his first appearance in Hounded and has continued to be of importance in until book eight. Hal resides in Tempe, Arizona.

Character OutlineEdit

Hal Hauk is an attorney who handles legal business for Atticus O'Sullivan along with Leif Helgarson. He is also a werewolf, originally turned around the same time as Gunnar, the lead attorney for the law firm and alpha of the Tempe Pack. It's not clear what Hal was originally but based on Gunnar's story in Hammered, he may be as much as 300 years old and was likely from the same area Gunnar was. Hal was Gunnar's second until his death in Hammered, after which Hal became the alpha. After Leif's betrayal, Hal becomes Atticus's primary attorney. Hal is fatally shot in Staked by Werner Drasche using a silver bullet.

Physical Appearance - Karl UrbanEdit

Book AppearancesEdit


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