Overview Edit

The Christian God. A friend to Atticus, appearing occasionally to offer sage advice before world changing decisions are hastily made.

Powers: Edit

  • Omniscient: Can see all and know all. Future sight is limited by the free will of humans (and semi-human types, like druids, werewolves, and other gods.
  • Miracles: Heal the wounded, create items from nothing. Infinitely powerful, but limited to his domain. Reluctant or incapable of directly affecting human desitiny.
  • Manifest: Requires a specific image of Himself as imagined by one of his worshipers. Rarely manifests in the West, because most Christians there see him as white, which makes him feel uncomfortable, being very far from his original appearance.
  • Drug-Proof: Capable of negating inebriating effects.

Appearances: Edit


  • Appears before Atticus as a fit African Hippie. Lets Atticus bully him into doing a shot, then gives everybody in the restaurant a basket of fish-and-chips via miracle. Advises Atticus to stay out of Asgard because killing Thor is a bad idea. Heals him from massive stabbings after "Assholes Who Do Evil Shit in My Name" show up to kill the druid.