Magic is a supernatural forces used by many of the characters in The Iron Druid Chronicles. While the exact method of the practice and origin of the power is unknown, some of the laws magic operates by have.

Powers Edit

Spellcasters have been known to:

  • Travel Between and Summon Beings to and from other planes
  • Shapeshiftt
  • Brew Potions of various uses
  • Create Objects with special abilities
  • Heal People and Animals
  • Create Telepathic Links
  • Communicate With Animals
  • Control People and Animals
  • Create Glamors(illusions)

Weaknesses Edit

For unknown reasons, iron tends to resist and/or negate magic, which is why the practice has mostly died out in the world. However, Atticus O'Sullivan invented a type of druidry that allows him to bypass this weakness, making him the only spellcaster in the world who wasn't weakened by iron, until he taught it to the Morrigan, and then possiblely Granuaile.

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