Moralltach is one of magical sword currently in Atticus O'Sullivan's possession, the last Druid and protagonist of The Iron Druid Chronicles. He acquired it in Hounded by defeating Aenghus Óg. It has the power to kill anything with one simple cut - although the death does come slowly over a brief period of time.

Unlike Fragarach, it can be deflected easily by armor, which Atticus finds to be frustrating during his invasion of Asgard.

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  • Fragarach - Atticus' first magical sword, which can slice through any object or material with ease. The sword also has the ability to call upon winds as well as the ability to detain someone via a magical field rendering them immobile. Plus, while a person is detained he/she is forced to speak the truth. This third ability of being forced to speak the truth is where the sword's name is derived from, "The Answerer".
  • Gungnir - Odin's Magical spear, which always hit whatever it was thrown towards.