Scáthmhaide (pronounced "SKAH wad jeh," meaning "shadow staff" in modern Irish) is a magical quarterstaff created for Granuaile by Goibhniu and Luchta. It was created at the request of Atticus just prior to Granuaile completing her druidic training.  The two gods asked no compensation for crafting it, being satisfied by the challenge and the fame it would bring them.

The staff is made of oak with inlaid celtic knotwork.  One end of the staff is inlaid with iron, and the other end silver, both set flush with the wood.  This makes it an effective weapon against fae (who are harmed by iron), werewolves (who are harmed by silver) and Bacchants (who are immune to metal weapons but vulnerable to wooden ones).  The knotwork forms magical bindings for speed and strength, as well as a special binding created by Flidais that grants the wielder and anything touching the staff True Invisibility when they speak a secret spell phrase.